اسم المنشأة : Cool Inc
مجال العمل : الأطعمة والأغذية
المؤهل التعليمى : الثانوية
التخصص :
مقر العمل : الرياض
الحى : لم يتم التحديد
سنوات الخبرة : 3-5 سنوات
اخر تحديث : منذ أسبوع
ساعات العمل : من 0 ساعات إلى 9 ساعات
الوظائف الشاغرة : 5
الراتب : من 0 إلى 0
عدد المتقدمين : 24
تم مشاهدتها : 100
مهام الوظيفة

·       Implement the opening process and following the opening procedure to ensure the restaurant readiness to receiving customers.

·       Check items storage, preparation, and inventory management to the bar products in line with the approved supply levels for each shift.

·       Prepare the drinks and beverages ordered by the customers in timely manner and as per the quality standards.

·       Reduce the bar operational cost by ensuring the minimum spillage levels to ensure proper cost control.

·       Order the bar items to ensure proper supply levels of the different menu items.

·       Execute the hygiene and cleanliness daily routine (opening and closing) in the bar area and the staff.

·       Implement the bar closing routine and making sure that all the tasks have been handled properly.

·       Implement the policies and procedures in the bar to ensure compliance with the Brand’s policies and governmental regulations.

·       Maintain quality control on the production and service to ensure meeting the brand requirements and positioning in the market.

·       Ensure proper hygiene, maintenance, and cleanliness of the bar area.

·       Report the bar activities and inventory discrepancies to the bar manager.

شروط الوظيفة

-Saudi Nationalty  

- Fluent in English


Behavioral Competencies

·       Communication

·       Collaboration

·       Achieving & delivery

·       Customer centric

Attention to details

نبذة عن المنشآة
Enriching lifestyle experiences in Saudi Arabia. At Cool Inc, we have a clear purpose: to shape the future of what’s cool in Saudi Arabia. We’re in the business of enriching the Kingdom’s cultural, creative and leisure lifestyle by inspiring and connecting the country’s innovative and visionary minds. As curators of culture, creativity and taste in restaurants, hotels, travel and more, we’re bringing fashionable and innovative brands that span the breadth of the hospitality sector to vibrant locations across the Kingdom. With a portfolio of brands that have never been seen before in Saudi Arabia, our aim is to contribute to the Kingdom’s vision of a broader, richer lifestyle offer for its own sophisticated population and tourists alike. As Saudi Arabia continues a journey of transformation, Cool Inc. is committed to delivering the new, world class lifestyle experiences both local and global audiences’ demand. All located at the heart of the Kingdom’s buzzing urban centers and emerging tourist destinations.