Game developer
اسم المنشأة : شركة حوسبة للإستشارات التقنية
مجال العمل : الإتصالات وتقنية المعلومات
المؤهل التعليمى : بكالوريوس
التخصص : computer science , computer games (development or design)
مقر العمل : جدة
الحى : لم يتم التحديد
سنوات الخبرة : 2-5 سنوات
اخر تحديث : منذ شهر
ساعات العمل : من 8 ساعات إلى 8 ساعات
الوظائف الشاغرة : 2
الراتب : من 0 إلى 0
عدد المتقدمين : 41
تم مشاهدتها : 349
مهام الوظيفة

If your work includes design as well as development, a degree in a subject such as animation, interactive media, games design and art or graphic design may be useful.

  • design, develop and deliver systems and high-quality code using programming languages, such as C++ and C#
  • perform code reviews to ensure code quality
  • refactor code to improve the design of existing code
  • quality test coding in a systematic and thorough way to find problems or bugs and record precisely where the problem was discovered
  • debug programs and solve complex technical problems that occur within the game's production
  • collaborate with games development team members to meet the needs of a project
  • work closely with designers, artists and other staff involved in the design process to create a quality product to schedule
  • perform effectively under pressure and meet deadlines to ensure a game is completed on time.

Salaries vary depending on your specialist area

شروط الوظيفة

Working in games development, you'll be involved in the creation and production of games for personal computers, games consoles, social/online games, arcade games, tablets, mobile phones and other handheld devices, You will need to have:

  • technical ability, in particular familiarisation with a range of programming languages and/or software packages
  • teamworking skills to liaise with other developers and other teams involved in making a game
  • self-motivation and the ability to work independently on your own projects
  • a creative and innovative approach to solving complex technical problems
  • communication skills
  • flexibility to meet deadlines and client requirements
  • organisational skills to manage and prioritise your workload effectively
  • attention to detail
  • a forward-thinking approach to work and willingness to keep learning and developing your skills
  • enthusiasm for and knowledge of the games industry.
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